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Tankless Water Heaters Information


SILVER Sewer & Drain Plumbing Service wants homeowners and businesses to be informed.

We advise homeowners and businesses to be aware of the issues and variables involved with Tankless Water Heater selection and installation—choosing the right product for your needs.

“One Size Does Not Fit All!”

We find that many homeowners don’t know that not all plumbers are certified to install and maintain tankless water heaters correctly!

While it is not brain surgery, it is however an area that requires advanced training and certification. When you have a non-certified plumber install your unit, you void the manufacturer’s warranty on the unit and sadly as we have seen over and over again the unit breaks down prematurely from incorrect installation and not addressing all the characteristics of a tankless unit.

Installing a Tankless Unit in your home or business is an investment--$$$! so, avoid the frustration and double whammy expense and have it professionally installed by a certified installer.


  1. Are you a certified tankless water heater installer?
  2. Is my gas meter sufficient to run the household load and the tankless?
    • Your plumber should calculate out the household water and gas loads.
      • If your plumber is installing a tankless for you without using a manometer to check pressure, then you are aleady going to have issues in the not to distant future.
  3. Is my gasline large enough to supply the extra-needed gas?
  4. Should I get a unit with a circulating pump (some units have them built in, others you can add a pump)? Many homeowners are unaware that it may often take a few minutes or more to get hot water to faucet/shower, etc…
  5. Where is the remote for the unit?
  6. Where is the flush kit for the unit?
  7. How often do we need to flush and maintain the unit?
  8. Is a tankless system right for my situation?

On our website you may click on any of the tankless manufacturers and find a certified tankless water heater specialist in your area.

At SILVER Sewer & Drain Plumbing Service, it is our objective that homeowners and businesses are provided the necessary information before investing in a Tankless Water Heater System.

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